Spider Vein Removal

Spider Vein Removal

Spider veins, also known as telangiectasia, are essentially blood vessels in a patient’s skin that resemble a web-like pattern. These veins are often shades of blue, purple, and red and can affect more than simply a patient’s self-confidence. It’s not uncommon for spider veins—also known as varicose veins—to cause patients some discomfort. Furthermore, this condition also puts one at risk for complications such as blood clots in the extremities or side effects such as pain and chronic fatigue. At Dr. Stella Cosmetics, we specialize in spider vein removal at our New Jersey practice. Our specialists are trained in several non-invasive laser treatments to help remove reticular veins, making your skin look clearer and more youthful.

What Is Spider Vein Removal?

Spider vein removal involves a specially-designed laser to remove the affected area. This session aims to reduce and remove the appearance of these reticular veins, leaving the patient with clear skin. These red/purple clusters tend to present on the thighs and calves in many female patients. While some patients may notice the appearance of these veins at an early age, others may not show up until later in life. Spider veins are most commonly caused by hormonal changes, sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, weight gain, and in some cases, are hereditary. The laser used in spider vein removal employs concentrated light beams that are absorbed by the patient’s oxyhemoglobin, essentially converting it to thermal energy.

How Does Spider Vein Removal Work?

As mentioned, laser treatments for spider veins and small varicose veins are optimal for more minor cases that do not have depths greater than one-tenth of an inch (to avoid damaging surrounding tissues). In preparation for the session, a specialist may apply numbing balm to the site to avoid discomfort during the treatment.

When the laser emits onto the affected area of the skin, the temperature results in quick coagulation of the blood in the vessel, laser treatment for spider veins is most effective for shallow veins smaller than the size of a 30-gauge needle. Laser removal of spider veins is a safe, less invasive option than sclerotherapy (injections used to neutralize this condition), and provides a much lesser rate of side effects such as hyperpigmentation directly after the session.

What Is the Recovery
for Spider Vein Removal?

Most patients can return directly back to their typical day following spider vein laser removal. Spider veins may begin to disappear just after the first treatment, but in some cases, patients may require two to three sessions. When receiving laser treatment for afflictions such as spider veins, it’s essential to choose a cosmetic practice that is skilled in targeting the condition. Working with a medical specialist who is adept in providing safer, less invasive treatments will ultimately give you the best results when treating leg veins. At Dr. Stella Cosmetics in New Jersey, our team specializes in assisting female patients with spider vein removal.

Who Is a Good
Candidate for Spider Vein Removal?

Prior to laser spider vein removal treatment, a specialist will perform an exam to decide if you’re a good candidate. Typically, laser removal of spider veins is an ideal option for candidates with shallow reticular veins that present on the skin in red, purple, or blue. It’s also a good idea to have realistic expectations for your treatment. Some spider veins may take two to three treatments to remove the appearance from the patient’s skin thoroughly. Not sure if you’re a candidate? Contact our team below at Dr. Stella Cosmetics and book your consultation today.

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